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YINTELLIGENCE are a group of people, who never give up discovering and exploring the unknown world, who have the desire for breakthrough, who embrace life and expect the innovation to drive the development of the society. YINTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY aims to be the social hub and the resources integration center for global innovators, focuses on presenting creative contents and culture, and is the place for the gathering of the YINTELLIGENCE with exploring spirits. With the concept of “super contents + smart partners = creating unique community”, from online to offline, our first priority is to present contents. YINTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY has the physical space with most creative content and imagination, covering the fields including sci-tech, culture, nature, business, etc. YINTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY will gather the most smart innovators.

China's most engaging platform for innovators

Global Innovator Conference

An unprecedented gathering of some of the world's most adventurous thinkers, pioneers who are working on the edge of imagination. GIC 2015 has brought together over 100 innovative leaders from across 17 countries to share ideas on science and technology, business, health, education, design, entertainment, art and culture. GIC 2015 also attracted more than 2000 registered delegates globally and covered by over 100 media including Xinhua News, CCTV, BTV, Tencent, CBNWeekly, and 36kr, etc.

2016 The Year of Virtual Reality

The Global Innovator Conference is inviting people around the world to explore the next frontier for technology innovation – Virtual Reality. The Virtual Reality Summit is bringing together over 800 developers, investors, professionals in VR and surrounding industries to share the insight of the present and the future of this emerging new media.

2016 VRS Website: http://2016vrs.thegic.cn


Morning Sessions - Blue Hall

Keynote Address: A Portal to a New World
Dialogue: How to Annihilate Space and Time
Keynote: The Next Frontier
Keynote: Future of Cinematic VR
Keynote: A Whole New World of Storytelling
Keynote: Revolution of Games
Keynote: VR Audio, A New Galaxy to Explore
Keynote: Enter the Void
Keynote: TBD
Keynote: TBD
Networking Lunch (VIP Only)

Afternoon Sessions - Blue Hall

Panel:Brave New World
Panel: Storytelling in New Era
Keynote:Experience Beyond Films and Games
Keynote: The Ultimate Narrative Medium
Panel:AI AR VR
Keynote: TBD
Keynote: Step Into Space
Keynote: Art in Virtual Space
Panel: Future of Social VR
Panel: A New Dawn for VR
Reception Dinner + Mixer (VIP Only)

Afternoon Sessions - Red Hall

Panel:VR Business Landscape
Keynote: Go Limitless with Hands Control
Keynote:Making Volumetric Movies
Panel:New Engine Starts
Keynote: Augmented Future
Keynote:UGC for VR
Keynote:VR Without Wire
Keynote: Bring Real Life Into VR
Panel:Art of Interactions
Panel:Opportunities of VR in China
Reception Dinner + Mixer (VIP Only)

*Program subject to change

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